Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarn Love

The latest collection of yarn porn WEBS catalog arrived in the mail yesterday. I've been thumbing through it looking at the tweeds trying to hit upon one for the Belted Pant Coat in The Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry.

Before I purchase anything else from WEBS I will definitely need to go through my stash yarn to see if there is something appropriate. Or at least finish half a dozen other WIP before I take on another!

I wish WEBS was closer so that I could pop in and out when the fancy struck rather than having to take a day and drive two hours each way out to Western MA. I am a big fan of touching yarn before I buy it and seeing the colors close up in person.

In the spring during WEBS giant annual sale my mother and I made the trek out there. We met up with friends who live in the area for lunch and I was able to roam the back storehouse to my heart's content. Mom wanted me to crochet her a cardigan with the colors of the Southwest desert. We finally settled on Lang Colora in dyelot 5929. It was on sale and is now sold out so I sure hope we purchased enough for this sweater! I'll be doing her second fitting in it later today. We also purchased some gorgeous Sublime cashmere merino silk aran that was also on sale in shade #0132 but we have yet to agree upon an appropriate pattern for the yarn.

My one complaint with WEBS is that it is so knitting focused. I feel a little like a kid eating my cake with a spoon while everyone else is using a fork. But I can't be alone in this... there have got to be more people out there like me who only crochet. I'm not opposed to trying to learn how to knit... again, but crochet is so very pleasurable for me and knitting never was.

Perhaps I'll go downstairs and console myself with gleefully going through my beautiful, beautiful stash of yarn.

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